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About MHD

MHD Systems was founded in 1975 by John Meckling. MHD units require no external power or maintenance, and can be installed by a professional pipe fitter. 

MHD technology has been used for over 60 years in many different fluid applications.

MHD Market Applications:

Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Geothermal Plants, Steel Mills, Food
Processing, Chemicals, PetroChemicals, Automotive, Plastics, Beverages,
Textiles, Mining, Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Pulp & Paper Mills,
Sugar Mills, Desalination Plants etc.

Hotels, Restaurants, Laundries, Golf Courses, Railroads,
Casinos etc.

Hospitals, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Government Buildings,
Housing Authorities, Correctional Service etc.

Power Plants, Utilities, Island Power, Co-Generation, Geothermal,
Water Distribution

Irrigation, Farming, Dairy Farming, Greenhouses, Horticulture

Cruise Ships, LNG Tankers, Oil Tankers, Cargo Vessels, Container Ships,
Floating Hotels, Drill Rigs

Military and Aerospace:
Naval Ships, Coast Guard, Ice Breakers, Aerospace Plants, Military Bases